Experience is important when evaluating document scanning companies. CME Imaging Solutions, Inc. has over 10 years of Records Management experience throughout Connecticut. Since that time, CME Imaging Solutions has earned a reputation as a leader among Document Imaging Companies in CT. Not all document imaging companies are the same and CME has distinguished itself through an unsurpassed commitment to quality, security and customer service.


CME Imaging Solutions has built a reputation as a leading Connecticut Document Scanning Company by leading the industry in quality services. Everything from our choices in equipment & technology, our employees, our extensive training programs and our management team combine to ensure that our quality is unsurpassed.


Security should be at the forefront of your evaluation of document scanning companies. At CME security is serious business. CME has comprehensive network security and physical security policies that set us apart of from other document imaging companies. When you choose CME Imaging Solutions as your CT Document Scanning Company, you can rest assured that your critical records are protected the highest degree possible.

Customer Service

As a leading document imaging company, CME places an emphasis on customer service. Our employees are dedicated to ensuring that our customers always come first. We believe that.