Are your blueprints, technical drawings, architectural renderings, posters, or other oversized prints and paintings properly backed up in case of some sort of a disaster? Do you have a Large Format Scanning Service taking care of these documents for you? CME Imaging is your source for Large Format Scanning in Connecticut.

These documents are often time-sensitive and quite valuable, but do you just have a single copy of them, stored in flat drawers or tubes? Why not have these documents scanned and digitized, for backup purposes as well as easier archival, but few consumer or commercial scanners can handle large-format documents like your blueprints or oversized prints.

Large Format Document Scanning Services

That is where our service comes in, we have the large format scanners that can handle documents of almost any size. With our service, we will quickly and efficiently scan your document into PDF or graphics files, and provide you with the digital files so you can keep them safe and sound.

Large format scanning requires care and precision, as well as high quality equipment. We have all of that, and more, and can offer you the best scanning services available in CT. Connecticut architects and engineers love our service, since it allows them not only to have their files backed up in case of a disaster, but also allows for quick and easy retrieval of their drawings electronically.

Documents that are larger than 12” by 18” are a cinch for our large format scanners to scan, our wide format scanners are specifically designed for such documents.

Local, Connecticut Large Format Scanners

Best of all, since we are based right here in Connecticut, you can be sure that your scanning work is remaining local. We will take all of your documents in-house, treating even the most delicate, fragile drawing with the utmost care. Our highly trained technicians can convert wonderful image quality even with those fragile drawings, inspecting each scanned drawing for uniformity and quality before we deliver the digital files to you.

Construction Drawings and Blueprints

Construction drawings and blueprints benefit especially from our large format scanning services, since you can prevent the wear and tear of the original drawings. Rather than passing around the paper drawings or copies of those drawings, deliver the file electronically. This saves paper, if the drawing does not absolutely need to be printed, and preserves the original drawing’s integrity since it does not have to be handled as much.

Posters and Oversized Prints

Have a bundle of posters and oversized prints that you use/share frequently? View them in a format that is even cleaner than the original, and make markups without worrying about damaging the originals. A digitized print is easy to use, and is available to share instantaneously via email or cloud storage.

Reduce Overhead, Save Space

Properly archiving your drawings and other large format files will also reduce your real estate needs, since you can eliminate the storage space required for those hanging files, flat drawers, or tubes of drawings. Instead, store them all digitally, and you can have them on the same server or network storage system that you already use for other files and services.

Large Format Scanning Solutions

Free yourself from the burden of storing your drawings in flat drawers, tubes, or hanging files - go digital!

  • Architectural and Engineering
  • Drawings
  • Blueprints
  • Construction Documents
  • CAD Files
  • Posters
  • Oversized Prints and Drawings