If you have large amounts of newspapers or books, you could likely benefit from a more efficient way of storing and accessing them. Digitizing your paper documents allows you to store all your information more securely, use less space for storage, and read your information more easily for years to come. We specialize in document digitization and are happy to help you digitize your newspapers and books, either for personal use or for your business. CME Imaging is the premiere source for Newspaper and Book Digitization.

Newspaper Digitization

If you have physical copies of newspapers or newsletters, we can help you convert them into digital files. Our high-tech scanners will scan your newspapers without damaging them to create high-resolution images of each page. We can deliver these digitized files in whichever format you prefer, including PDF and Word documents. We also have optical character recognition (OCR) software that can turn your newspapers into text-searchable documents, enabling you to search through each page to find a headline or keyword that you’re looking for. Digitization is especially useful for hardcopies of newspapers, as over time these will deteriorate and become less readable. The sooner you can digitize your files, the better. A digital copy will preserve your information for as long as you need it for. You can also drastically cut down on the storage space your newspapers take up. Digital files can be stored on a computer, thumbnail, CD, or even online in a cloud drive, freeing up space on your bookshelves and filing cabinets that may currently by used up by stacks of newspapers.

Digitizing Microfilm Newspapers

We can also help you to digitize your microfilm files. Microfilm newspapers and documents will be digitized into high resolution grayscale images. We can also use our OCR software to create searchable documents from microfilm. If you have both microfilm and paper copies of newspapers or newsletters, we can analyze both to advise you on which versions will provide the best, most readable results. That way you’re sure to end up with the best possible digital files.

Benefits of Digitizing Your Newspapers

Digitizing your newspapers and newsletters brings a number of important benefits. If the files are for your personal use, you’ll be able to store and read them much more safely for years to come. You’re far less likely to lose important historic information. If the files are for your business, digitization will cut down on storage space and costs and facilitate the sharing of information. The benefits of digitization include:

  • Safer and more reliable storage of newspapers
  • Preservation of important information and readability
  • Ability to easily search the text of newspaper issues
  • Reduced storage requirements
  • Easy access to newspapers from any computer or smartphone through the internet
  • Ability to integrate newspaper issues into your company website or blog

Book Digitization

If you have a large collection of books and other bound documents, digitization can significantly improve your organization, storage, and ease of access to them. We can work with everything from antique books, to works of fiction, to deed books, to bound business records. Using our professional scanners, we can quickly digitize your books without damaging them. Your books can be digitized into high-resolution images or text-searchable documents using our powerful OCR technology. OCR technology means that you don’t have to thumb through hundreds of pages to find the information you’re looking for. Instead, you can conduct a simple search for a phrase or keywords to quickly find exactly what you’re looking for. We can provide you with PDF or Word files of your digitized books, which can be stored and accessed on your computer, your own server, our server, a USB drive, or online in a cloud drive. We can even provide your files with password protection to keep them confidential and secure.

Book Digitization for Personal Use

Book digitization is extremely useful for a number of purposes. If you have old books or family records, digitization ensures that the information contained in them will be preserved and kept readable for as long as you and your descendants might want to read them. If you have an old bound manuscript of a piece of fiction or nonfiction, digitization will make that file usable again, and you’ll be sure not to lose it. You can also reduce your storage needs. Book digitization is perfect if you’re moving or need to condense your space and will no longer be able to store all of your books.

Book Digitization for Corporate Use

Many companies have collections of bound files, either company records, deed books, old handbooks and manuals, or books of cultural value. Digitization enables your company to store all this information much more securely and efficiently. You will no longer need yards of bookshelves or filing cabinets; all of the information can be stored and read easily on a computer. This enables your company to review and share information much more easily, and the information can also be stored securely.

Benefits of Book Digitization

Digitizing books and bound files provides many benefits. It makes your information more easily readable, no matter how much time passes, and facilitates more efficient storage. The benefits of book digitization include:

  • Enhanced security for confidential materials
  • Improved accessibility through searchable documents
  • Preserved readability
  • Reduced storage space and storage costs
  • Easy access to documents from any computer or smartphone with internet connection