Optical character recognition (OCR) is a technique that converts printed text into machine-encoded text. This is extremely useful for creating digital versions of files that can be saved and read by computer programs. We provide OCR services using the latest in OCR technology to help you digitize, store, and share all of your files and images.

How OCR Scanning Works

Conventional scanning captures an image of a document but does not retain any recognition of the text. This means that, once it is scanned it can be stored but not searched or edited. Key data entry (essentially retyping a document) will retain character recognition so that documents can be edited and searched down to the individual character, but it is very slow. Optical character recognition (OCR) combines the benefits of both of these techniques. OCR systems can recognize characters in a variety of fonts. It can scan documents and images to reproduce them in a digital form that can be easily stored and moved electronically. Because it can recognize characters, OCR creates digital files that can be edited and that are text-searchable.

Why OCR Document Scanning Is Useful For Businesses

File digitization is a fantastic tool for businesses. It allows you to maximize your storage space for files and information, keeping them all in an easy to access digital form. OCR greatly enhances file digitization by making your files text-searchable. This means that you can search for any letter, number, word, or phrase, and find where they are located within your files rather than sorting through them by hand. This is extremely beneficial for businesses. Say, for example, you need to find all files related to transactions with a particular business. A search for the name of that business will pull up any files that include that business name. It is also an extremely useful function within individual files. You may need to search for a particular item in a ledger or receipt, for example. Instead of reading through the entire file, you can search for the item and find it immediately. OCR makes searching possible for documents that previously existed in non-searchable formats (physical copies and standard digitized files).

Our OCR services can turn your documents into searchable, digital files. This makes it far easier to find information, significantly cutting down on the time needed to locate and use data and written information. For businesses, this can make writing reviews, creating financial records, and looking up old information much faster and easier. Years of files can all be digitized and then searched through instantaneously. OCR also streamlines the storage of documents and cuts down the costs necessary to physically store files, as you will be able to store all of them electronically.

CME Imaging OCR Technology

Our OCR services use cutting-edge technology. We can extract information down to the individual character from a wide range of sources. Our technology can also recognize specific personal information, such as credit card numbers, bank account numbers, phone numbers, and social security numbers. If required, we can redact that information as your files are digitized, greatly enhancing the privacy and security of your stored information. Our leading technology also means that we can scan and process all of your files quickly, creating digital versions in very little time. With the latest technology, our OCR services result in a very low rate of errors in character recognition, so you can trust the search feature to be accurate.

What Kind of Documents Can Be Digitized Using OCR?

The applications of OCR are very wide. Essentially, OCR can be used for any files that contain written or numerical characters. It is very useful for financial records, including bank statements, receipts, and invoices. It can also process personal documents, such as passport documents, health records, and employee information. Some of the other kinds of files OCR can process include mail, business cards, ledgers, contracts, contact details, and phone records. OCR also works on older records, including aged paper documents and microfilm. There are many other kinds of files that can be digitized using OCR; if it contains letters or numbers, the information can be extracted and digitized using our OCR services.

Connecticut's Premier OCR Document Scanning Service

At CME Imaging, we would love to help you digitize your files using our OCR technology. Simply put, OCR will allow you to digitize your files and give you the ability to search them quite easily. We’ve found that this has many practical benefits for businesses. If you have any questions about OCR technology and its applications for your business, please feel free to ask us. We are also happy to provide you with a customized quote for digitizing your files. We look forward to working with you and helping you to come up with digitization solutions for all of your documents and files.