If your business is storing piles upon piles of microfilm, you may want to consider scanning the information in them into digital images. In the 70s and 80s, microfilm was the dominant method of managing information and saving space over paper copies of documents. Today, however, microfilm has become outdated. The equipment necessary to view and print microfilm images has become expensive to purchase and to repair. Microfilm also takes up a lot of space in comparison with digital files. If your business has been working with microfilm, you have likely experienced these issues already.

Microfilm Scanner Services in CT

Digital Imaging is the next step in information management and is a much more effective solution for storing and accessing your images and data. Through our services, we can capture all the information stored on your microfilms and convert it into easy-to-read digital formats. These files will be ready to read, print, analyze, and share. We use the latest technologies in automatic capture and indexing to recognize the text on your microfilms and convert it into files that you can search through, manipulate, and sort.

The benefits of digitizing your microfilms include:

  • Safer storage of your records
  • Preservation of your information
  • Easier access to your data
  • Improved readability
  • Enhanced security
  • Reduced storage needs

Microfilm Scanning Options

We offer a wide variety of solutions for microfilm conversion, with everything from simple PDFs to text-searchable OCR. Your options for digitization include:

  • PDF
  • JPG
  • TIFF
  • OCR

OCR (optical character recognition) is a specialized kind of scanning that converts printed text into machine-encoded text. The technology uses character recognition to create files that are searchable and editable. This means that you can convert your microfilms into word processing documents or spreadsheets that you can then manipulate and edit. OCR also makes it much easier to find whatever information you’re looking for. You can do a simple text search on your computer to find the document you need, or you can search for phrases, words, and individual characters within each document. This technology will enable you to get much more use out of the data in your microfilms and find the information you need in them much more quickly.

File Delivery Options

We offer a number of options to save and deliver your files in the format most convenient for you. Your options for delivery include:

  • CD-ROM
  • Zip drive
  • File transfer protocol (FTP)
  • Hard drive
  • Cloud storage

We can provide you with physical storage for your files, either on a CD-ROM or a zip drive, which you can then upload to any computer of your choice. We are also happy to place your files directly onto your computer’s hard drive. We can also set up secure cloud storage for you. If your files are stored on a cloud, you will be able to access them from any computer, tablet, or smart phone that is connected to the internet. This can make information sharing and collaboration between coworkers and partners much easier. We are happy to provide whatever option (or options) is the most convenient for you.

Improve Record Keeping

We know that as a business, data and record keeping are very important to you. Digitizing your microfilm files can be immensely helpful in keeping records more easily and with greater accuracy. Without digitization, if you need to transfer information from microfilm, you will need to manually retype every piece of information from a microfilm reader into a computer file. This process is extremely tedious and will take up unnecessary time and resources. With OCR scanning, you can simply copy and paste information from your microfilm files directly into any document or spreadsheet. Digitization also makes it much easier and faster to find any piece of information you’re looking for. With a simple text search, you can immediately find documents containing a name, year, receipt number, or any other piece of information you need to find. With this kind of efficiency, you’ll save an immense amount of time. You’ll be able to track down and analyze information with greater speed and less manpower. In addition, you will greatly reduce the risk of errors. Enhanced accuracy can improve the quality of your data analysis, help you to stay on top of business trends, and assist you in planning for the future.

Enhanced Security

At CME Imagine Solutions, we know that security is also a top priority for your data. We have a comprehensive security network in place to protect all of your information. We can also help you to set up secure storage to keep your information safe once it is out of our care. In addition, microfilm digitization will help you to keep your information in a much more secure form. Unlike microfilm, digital files will not age and lose readability over time. They can also not be destroyed by accidents, fires, or natural disasters. After digitization, your files will be protected and preserved for as long as you need them.

Connecticut's Premier Digital Imaging Service

At CME, we offer a variety of Digital Imaging Services:

  • Document Scanning
  • Large Format Scanning
  • Microfilm Scanning
  • Newspaper Digitization
  • Book Digitization
  • On-Site Scanning
  • X-Ray Scanning
  • Indexing
  • OCR

Professional Experience at your Service

CME Imaging Solutions is the top provider of document scanning and records management in Connecticut, and we have over 10 years of experience in the business. We are focused on customer satisfaction by using the latest equipment and technology and delivering the best in professionalism and experience. All of our employees have been thoroughly trained in confidentiality, and we will keep all of your information entirely confidential. We will also take care to ensure that none of your microfilms are damaged in any way. In fact, we often return microfilm in better shape than what we received it in. We can provide secure delivery of your files to our location, or we can bring our on-site scanning technology directly to you. Your files will be protected and treated with care at all times.