Document Scanning Services

By converting your documents to digital files, we will help you streamline your organization’s capability to store, manage, and access your documents. We will help you scan and digitize your information, archiving everything in a way that will give you the best possible ways to store and access the information you need, when you need it, without breaking the bank.

Whether you are using a scanner, a network-connected copier, or a fax machine, our document capture capabilities are able to receive your documents, scan them and digitize them, and then make them available when you need them, electronically. Where ever you are, anywhere in Connecticut or throughout the world, you will have easy access to all of the stored information whenever you need it.

Our intelligent scanning solutions will help you make the most of your document imaging needs by scanning what you need the most often first, and more rarely-accessed documents on an as-needed basis. This allows you to store only what you are actually using, and reduces the need to scan every single page of your files when you don’t actually need those documents scanned. The benefits of document imaging services include:

  • Easier storage of the files you need
  • Streamlined access to those files, when you need it
  • Access to your documents from any Internet-connected computer
  • Comprehensive security and access policies and procedures to protect your data

Large Format Scanning Services

Our large format scanning services will allow you to convert documents of any size into scanned documents for easy storage, quick access, and streamlined sharing capabilities. You can eliminate the time and bother of flipping through pages upon pages of oversize documents in large drawers, hanging files, and binders, having quick access to the files from any Internet-connected computer.

You’ll benefit from easier access to those files, and less storage room required to store the files. Forget about those large drawers and containers, just store your files electronically and print what you need!

Our Large Format Scanning Services are a terrific solution to protecting your large documents and drawings from wear and tear, allowing you to view the document clearly and easily on your computer. You can share duplicate sets of files easily through email or any other electronic means. You can print or email the oversized documents directly from your computer when you need a printed copy of the file.

Large format scanning is terrific for architects, engineers, construction companies, facility managers, and many others. Our digitization process is able to clean up background noise on the documents, perform image enhancement, rotate images for optimal viewing, and output the files to a variety of file formats.

Large format scanning works great for:

  • Architect Drawings
  • Engineering Documents
  • Blueprints
  • Diagrams
  • Maps
  • Many others!

Microfilm Scanning Services

If your business has piles upon piles of microfilm, you may want to consider converting these microfilms digital images. Once a leading technique in the condensing of electronic documents, Digital Imaging offer a far more effective solutions.

Through our services, we can capture all of the data and information on your microfilms, and make it readily available for import into databases, Microsoft Sharepoint, and other industry-leading systems that rely upon information once stored on film. Our automatic capture and indexing systems utilize the latest technologies to recognize the text and convert it to files that you can manipulate and sort.

Accurate recordkeeping is essential for all businesses, as is referring to those records for business trends and data analysis. Previously, recalling information from microfilm was a tedious process that involved manually retyping all of the information from a microfilm reader into the computer, but our technology allows us to automatically import these films into digital files that are readily available and usable in a large variety of information management systems.

We offer a wide variety of microfilm conversion solutions, from standard scanning of your microfilms to PDF or TIFF files to complete OCR transmission of your data into documents or spreadsheets. Convert your microfilms to digital files today, and reap the benefits of:

  • Safer storage of your records
  • Easier access to the data in your records
  • Reduced storage costs

Newspaper Digitization Services

Through our newspaper digitization services, you can convert that collection of newspapers and newsletters into easily accessible, searchable electronic document files. Whether your copies are paper or microfilm, we have solutions available that will allow you to convert your newspapers into digital files for safer, easier storage and quicker accessibility from anywhere with an Internet connection.

We can digitize your newspapers from microfilm into grayscale images in high resolution, or can create full-text searchable files using our powerful OCR software. We can deliver your digitized newspapers in all major file formats, including PDF and Word documents.

If you have both paper copies of your newspapers and microfilm copies, we will work with you to decide which versions provide the best results, so we can ensure you are happy with the final output product of the newspaper digitization.

Whatever your newspaper digitization needs are, we have a solution that will fit it. Digitize your newspapers soon, before time begins to negatively impact the readability of those crucial records of history. You will also reap these benefits:

  • Safer, more reliable storage of newspapers
  • Easy text searching of newspaper issues
  • Reduced storage requirements
  • Accessibility to the newspapers from any Internet-connected computer or smartphone
  • Integration of the newspaper issues into your company website

Book Digitization Services

If you have a large library of books or other bound documents, there is a huge benefit to digitization of those records or information. Our experts can quickly and accurately convert your books or other documents into scanned documents, providing you with improved security for confidentiality, improved customer service, improved office space, as well as the ability to preserve and store your documents securely and safely.

Convert those books to digital files, and you eliminate the need for file cabinets, book depositories, or even book shelves. Your books can be stored on our servers, your servers, or even a thumb USB drive. Access your books online for ease of access anywhere you have an Internet connection. To ensure security, your files can even be password protected.

The benefits of scanned books also includes easier access to the information within those books. Our advanced OCR technology enables us to make text-searchable PDFs and Word documents of all of your books, meaning you don’t have to thumb through pages and pages of information to find the specific bit of information you need.

The benefits of book digitization include:

  • Better security for your confidential materials
  • Searchable documents for finding the right bit of information
  • Reduced storage space, and no need for climate-controlled book depositories.
  • Easy access from any Internet connection

On-Site Scanning Document Services

Are your paper files so voluminous that you simply cannot send them to a scanning service for digitization? Or maybe you are not allowed, for confidentiality reasons, to allow your records and information to leave the premises. If you are located in Connecticut and want volumes of files scanned, but do not want to or cannot ship your documents, let us come to you.

We offer a complete range of on-site scanning services. Even though we maintain very secure scanning facilities of our own, we recognize that some clients have requirements that necessitate us to scan those documents in-house at the client location. We have the scanners and will travel!

Our structured on-site document scanning service is designed to be as affordable as possible, while still providing the top quality digitization process our Connecticut clients have come to rely upon. When we come to your location, we bring along the same professional grade equipment and experienced personnel that are used in our conversion center, and use the same reliable processes.

Digitization of records means a number of benefits, and our on-site service can provide all of them, and more, to you. Some of the benefits of digitization include:

  • Safer, more secure storage of important files and records
  • Text-searchable documents for ease of locating information
  • Easily share password-protected or open files over the Internet
  • Reduced storage needs

X-Ray Scanning Services

As a busy doctor’s office or hospital, you may not have time to think about the storage of your patients’ X-ray files. However, there are some real benefits to digitizing these records, and we can offer you the highest quality X-Ray scanning services available.

We use the latest generation X-Ray scanners, approved by the FDA, and digitize the files for you. We can image X-Rays of virtually any size, from 2.5” by 2.5” up to 14” x 35”. Our services are state-of-the-art and we make sure the files are easily accessible by your doctors, nurses, and other staff members.

Our staff is made up of highly trained technicians who will individually load each film into a specialized X-Ray film scanner. A digital image of the film will then be saved to your server, hard drive, or USB storage device.

We can scan your X-Ray films into high quality digital images in any popular format, whether it is a JPG, TIF, or DICOM image file. The benefits of X-Ray digitization include:

  • Easier access to X-Ray data
  • Ability for remote diagnosis
  • Quickly and easily burn the X-Ray document to CD-ROM format for delivery to patients, doctors, or hospitals.
  • Reduced or eliminated X-Ray storage space

Indexing Services

When you have a large volume of information, it is essential to have it properly indexed and periodically purged. This ensures you have easy access to the information you need when you need it, and helps make sure you don’t clutter your file and information storage with documents you no longer need.

Our staff are experts at file indexing and purging projects, so we can easily take care of building an index of all of your records for you and helping you perform periodic purges of that information when files are no longer needed or valid. We can work with all levels of information capture, from sequence range listings to single field identification, or even multiple descriptive field capture. Whatever your need, we have done it before and know how to structure the project so it gets done right the first time.

Our estimates can be based on hourly rates or on a per transaction basis, so rest assured that we can develop a quote and procedure that will work best for your business needs. The benefits of hiring us to take care of your indexing and purging needs include:

  • Years of experience with file indexing and purging
  • The job gets done right the first time
  • No need to increase the pressure on your payroll budget by haring someone full-time to do what only needs to be done periodically

OCR Services

File digitization is a wonderful tool for maximizing your storage space for records and files as well as improving access to those files, but sometimes you need to be able to search through files for a specific text or number. With our OCR services, we can help make that a reality for your business.

Using the leading technology in document scanning and OCR, we can take virtually any document and make it text-searchable. OCR enables you to search for, and retrieve, individual words and phrases located within one page or an entire book.

For continual record keeping of older paper documents and microfilm documents, a database containing the information extracted from these documents can often be beneficial. You can maintain the information you need, but keep it safe without the strain of warehousing all of those documents.

Our OCR service is leading-edge, allowing us to extract the information from a wide variety of sources down to the character level, and we even have the ability to recognize and redact information like Social Security Numbers, account numbers, credit card numbers, or any of a host of other areas needing to be redacted.

The benefits of our OCR service are many, but here are a few of them:

  • Turn that ledger sheet into a searchable, sortable spreadsheet
  • Create text-searchable documents for easily finding information
  • Preserve information safely and securely
  • Reduce storage costs by storing files electronically

Document Imaging Services

Your business is growing and changing, so you need to make sure how you maintain your information changes, as well. Without an effective and efficient way to deal with your expanding volume of paper and electronic information, your business will begin to suffer “information overload” and will see decreased productivity, higher costs, and a greater number of compliance risks. If you partner with us, though, we will help you develop an information storage solution that is custom-tailored to your business.

We are based in and service all of Connecticut, so you can rest assured that your information is stored locally. Through our services, you can have fast, reliable access through our document management system, so you have access to your files when you need them. A comprehensive document imaging and management solution will streamline your business, allowing you to keep better track of your information and access it when you need it.

This means your business:

  • Can transition smoothly from paper to electronic record-keeping with our intelligent scanning solutions.
  • Sees increased productivity, because you don’t have to shuffle through reams of paper to find that important contract.
  • Sees lower costs for storage, since you no longer have to rely on banker’s boxes and storage rooms for your files; they are all stored electronically in our data center.
  • Are quickly and reliably accessible from anywhere you have an Internet connection.
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