New York Document Scanning Services

You can enhance your organization’s storage, management and ease-of-access of documents by converting them to digital files. By using our New York Document Scanning services, your documents will be scanned and digitized where all the information will be archived in the most optimum manner so that you can access your information wherever, at any time you want!

Whether you make use of a scanner, fax machine or network-connected copiers, we have advanced document capturing equipment that will automatically receive your documents, process them, then scan and save it digitally so that it is available to no matter the time or location.

The scanning solutions provided by CME use the latest in technology. The initial digital imaging procedure includes digitizing your frequently accessed documents first, followed by the less frequently used ones on an as-needed basis.

Why use a Digital Imaging Service?

Easier management of your documents
Quick access to your documents whenever and wherever
Access to your documents from anywhere you have an internet connection
Secure locations for your documents

NY Large Format Scanning

By making use of the large format scanning service we provide, physically large documents can be scanned into digital documents enabling them to be stored easily and accessed at a much quicker pace. Ultimately, this process will end up saving you time as you won't have to sort through the oversized documents whether they be large files like enginerring documents or blueprints. Rather, you'll have easy access using any computer connected to the internet from any corner of the world.

Besides saving you time, the physical area or storage room required to store the necessary files would also reduce drastically. You would no longer be in need of large drawers and folders and can save all your files and documents electronically, so that you can print out the required documents whenever needed.

Also, by making use of our large format scanning services, you can preserve your documents forever and save them from the wear and tear that happens when handling them, thereby enabling you to view the document in perfect condition on your computer. File and document sharing also becomes easier as you can print or email the digitized documents upon scanning.

This is a wonderful solution for construction organizations, facility managers, engineer, architects and several other professionals who make use of large documents on a frequent basis.

Large Format Scanning Solutons For:

  • Architect Drawings
  • Engineering Documents
  • Blueprints
  • Diagrams
  • Maps
  • Many others!

Microfilm Document Scanning

If you have stored loads of microfilm, it's a great idea to convert those microfilms into digital images - a more secure, convenient solution.

Using our NYC Microfilm Scanning services, we'll capture the information on your microfilms, making it available for import into databases, Microsoft Sharepoint, and other common systems. Our automatic capture and indexing systems utilize the latest sacnning technologies to accurately recognize the text and convert it to files for your use.

Keeping track of your records is essential for all businesses, large and small. Previously, analyzing information from microfilm was a process that involved manually retyping all of the information from a microfilm reader into your system, but our scanning technology allows us to automatically import these films into digital files that are readily available in a large variety of information management systems.

At CME Imaging Solutions, we offer a selection of microfilm scanning solutions, from standard scanning of your microfilms to PDF or TIFF files to complete OCR transmission of your data into documents or spreadsheets. Convert your microfilms to digital files through our Microfilm Scanning services, to get the benefits of:

  • Safer Microfolilm storage
  • Easier access to the information on your microfilms
  • Reduced storage costs

Newspaper Scanning Services in NY

By using our newspaper digitization services, your collection of newspapers and newsletters can be converted into easily accessible and searchable electronic document files, giving you a safe, secure, convenient way to store your newspaper records. Whether your content be in an old or new newspaper format, our solutions can convert the newspapers into digital files so that they can be stored safely, easily and allow you to access them instantly from any corner of the world using an active internet connection.

The newspaper scanning services we offer will allow you to digitize your newspapers to grayscale images in high resolution and we also offer services to convert them into full-text searchable files by making use of our cutting-edge OCR software. The converted content can be made available across various file formats, such as the popular PDF or Word document formats.

In instances where you have both the paper copy and microfilm copy of a newspaper, we would decide on the version to be scanned and digitized, so that you receive the best digitization format.

No matter what your requirements related to newspaper digitization are, we can create a custom tailored solution. Ensure that you digitize your newspapers before the readability of the paper fades away and you end up losing precious information.

Advantages of Newspaper Scanning:

  • Safer and more secure solution than traditional storage
  • Easy search the contents of your newspapers
  • Reduce the physical storage of such documents
  • Accessibility to the newspaper from any internet connected device
  • Integrate newspaper files into your website or own program

Book Scanning Services of New York

In the case where you own a large library of books or documents, digitizing the entire collection would be a wonderful idea for sake of sorting, security and storage. You can rely on our experienced team to convert your books into an electronic and digitized format. By digitizing your books, you would be able to preserve the text and contents of the books as well as store them in a safe and secure manner.

By digitizing your books and documents into electronic files, you would no longer need file cabinets, book shelves or book depositories for storage and your entire library can be stored on a server or even on a portable device such as a USB drive. This would also enable you to access the books online from any corner of the world using an internet connection. Also, you can ensure that your books will be secure and safe.

Digitization of books also allows you to retrieve information or access the books more easily. Our advanced OCR technology converts the books into text-searchable PDF or Word documents as a result of which, you can search through the documents easily and save yourself from the trouble of flipping pages to find what you are looking for.

Book Scanning Advantages:

  • Higher security for your books and material
  • Searchable documents for finding the right bit of information
  • Reduced storage space, and no need for climate-controlled book depositories.
  • Easy access from any Internet connection

On-Site Document Scanning Services in New York

If you need large volumes of documents to be scanned and digitized, but are not willing, or able, to ship the documents to any other entity, we would be glad to arrive at your office or location and offer our on-site document scanning services.

We offer complete on-site document scanning solutions for your documents, books, newspapers, etc. We'll arrive at your premises with necessary equipment and skilled staff to ensure that the process is performed smoothly and efficiently.

Digitization of documents or files by using our on-site scanning services offers a number of benefits including:

  • Safer, more secure storage of important files and records
  • Text-searchable documents for ease of locating information
  • Easily share password-protected or open files over the Internet
  • Reduced storage needs

X-Ray Scanning Services

Doctors are generally busy and don't have all the time in the world to store their patients’ X-ray scans efficiently. But, by digitizing their X-ray reports they have a secure and easily searchable database of their X rays.

X-rays are scanned using advanced X-ray scanners that are approved by FDA and are digitized. X-rays images of any size can be digitized, ranging from 2.5”X2.5” up to large X-rays of 14”X35”. The services we offer are an excellent solution for doctors, technicians and nurses alike.

Our highly skilled technicians will manually feed each film into our X-ray film scanner. The digital image of X-ray would then be saved on your server, USB drive or any other storage device. The X-ray films can be scanned and be saved in any format as per your requirement, such as JPG, TIF or DICOM.

X-Ray digitization is offers a number of benefits:

  • Easier access to X-Ray scans
  • Diagnose remotely
  • Easily burn the X-Ray to CD for delivery to both patients and doctors.
  • Reduced X-Ray storage

Indexing Service

If you have a large volume of records and information, it's critical to have it properly indexed and periodically purged. This ensures you have easy access to the information you need when you need it, and helps make sure you don’t jumble your storage areas with documents you no longer need.

We have a highly skilled team specializing in indexing and purging, so that your index can be built easily based on your records and then be purged when it is no longer required.

OCR Services

File Digitization serves as an effective way to maximize your storage space meant for records and files as well as organize your data. The time required to search for a particular file can be eliminated by making use of our OCR services.

By making use of our advanced document scanning capabilities using OCR, any document can be converted into text-searchable format that you'll be able to search for any words or phrases to find what you need quickly.

Using our OCR services, information can be extracted from a wide range of sources and can be converted into digital characters, which makes it easy for retrieval of data fields such as Social Security Numbers, Credit Card numbers, account numbers or any other phrase you're searching for.

The OCR services offered provide the following benefits:

  • Convert ledgers into a searchable database
  • Create text-searchable documents to easily locate information
  • Preserve information safely and securely
  • Reduce storage costs by storing files digitally

Document Imaging Services in NY & CT

Technology and business practices are changing, so you need to make sure how you maintain and store your documents change as well. Without an effective and efficient way to deal with your expanding volume of documents and information, your business will suffer and will see decreased productivity, increased costs, and a higher number of compliance risks. By working with CME Imaging Solutions, we will help you develop an information storage solution that is custom-tailored to your business.

Headquartered in CT, we serve both Connecticut and New York as well. Through our New York Doucment Imaging Services, you can have fast, reliable access through our document management system, so you have access to your files quickly and easily, whenever and wherever. A comprehensive document imaging and management solution will help organize your business, allowing you to keep better track of your information and access it when you need it.

By utilizing CME Imaging Solutions you:

  • Can transition easily from paper documents to electronic files with our advanced scanning solutions
  • See increased productivity, because you won't need sort through existing documents.
  • See lower costs for storage, eliminating the need for storage rooms and cabinets.
  • Are easily accessible from any web based device.