Hartford, CT Document Scanning Services

If you want to significantly reduce the amount of paper storage in your organization or business and make your documents much easier to access, our Connecticut document scanning services do exactly that. When you choose us, you get professional, efficient document scanning services that capture your documents, process them, and provide you with a digitized version that you can access from anywhere in the world through the internet.

Hartford CT Large Format Scanning

We don’t just scan standard sized documents. If you have large documents, like architectural drawings or blueprints, we can save you the space and effort that storing and using these documents require. You won’t need those extra-large drawers or even carry around the documents any more. If you need a paper version, you can easily print out the entire thing or just the section you need. This is the perfect solution for businesses who often deal in large format documents!

Microfilm Document Scanning in Hartford, CT

While microfilm used to be the most efficient way to store large amounts of information in a small format, there are now much better ways to store your documents. Instead of storing rolls and rolls of microfilm, we can use our advanced technology to scan and convert it into digital files that you can access through any internet-enabled computer. Your microfilm will be stored safely and you will have much easier access to the data on those microfilms. With our OCR services, you will even be able to use a keyword to search your files.

Newspaper Scanning Services in CT

If you have a large collection of newspapers, you will likely discover that they are difficult to store and quickly degrade. While you may want to save the information in those newspapers, storing the papers themselves and protecting them from damage can be difficult. Our newspaper scanning services in Connecticut make it possible for you to save all of that information, without physically having to save the newspapers themselves. We will create a custom solution for your situation to make sure you do not lose the precious information contained in those newspapers.

Book Scanning Services of Connecticut

When you own a large number of books, storing and protecting those books can be difficult. Finding the right book, with the right information can be even harder! When you digitize your books and make use of our advanced OCR technology, you can easily search and find any information, without having to turn a single page. Your books will be safer and you will be able to access them from anywhere in the world.

On-Site Document Scanning Services in Connecticut

If you have a large number of paper documents that you need scanned and you simply cannot or do not want to ship those documents out for scanning, our on-site scanning services will come to your location. Our highly skilled staff will bring the equipment they need to make the process as efficient as possible. For safer, more reliable storage of your most important files and the capability to make all of those documents searchable, without having to ship your records out for scanning, we are here to help.

X-Ray Scanning Services

X-rays can be difficult to properly digitize, despite the fact that digital copies make it easier to diagnose and share information with both the patient and other doctors. This is why our professional x-rays scanning services use only the very best FDA-approved technology. Our technicians carefully scan each x-ray so the test can still be easily read, but the x-ray can be accessed remotely or burned to a CD for the patient.

Indexing Services

A large amount of records can be difficult to index and purge, despite the fact that regular purges helps you ensure that you are only storing the most critical information. Our skilled technicians will set up an indexing and purge system that can even automatically purge your records when the information is no longer required.

OCR Services

OCR services make it easy for you to find any information in your digital files. Using the most advanced technology to extract the characters from documents that have been scanned, you can find any information you need. Whether you want to make retrieval of data like social security or account numbers easier or you simply want to be able to easily locate a specific document, our OCR services make it possible. We can convert just about any document into a digital, searchable file.

Document Imaging Services in Hartford, Connecticut and New York

With business and technology both rapidly changing, it is critical that your Hartford business stay ahead of the curve. Digitizing your files reduces or even eliminates the need for paper storage, which is expensive and takes up a huge amount of space. Even the best filing systems mean that you have to spend a lot of time looking through files for a specific piece of paper. When you choose us, we will help you develop a digital information bank that is tailored specifically for you. It will be easier to manage your information and you will always have access to it, even when you are not physically in the office.