Is your business prepared if disaster strikes? Have you taken the time to back up your blueprints, posters, technical drawings, or oversized prints? Did you use a Large Format Scanning Service to handle these type of documents? CME Imaging is your trusted source for Large Format Scanning in New York and the NYC area.

Large format documents are often important and very valuable. Does your company have multiple copies of your large format documents? Do you store these copies in drawers or tubes? Why not better protect your documents by scanning and digitizing them? You can back up your documents as well as archive them to better organize them. Unfortunately, not all consumer and commercial scanners can scan large-format documents, such as your oversized prints or full sized blueprints.

NY Scanning Solutions for Large Format Documents

That is why many companies have chosen us to provide them with our services. Our large-format scanners can handle just about any sized document. We can provide you with high-quality scanning services by scanning your document quickly and converting them into PDF or graphic files. We also provide your company with the digital files so that you can securely store them.

Large format documents cannot be handed over to just any company. Scanning these documents requires careful handling and a high-quality scanner that will provide a precise copy. We can provide you with the high quality digitized document you’re looking for. Architects and engineers all over New York choose our services above others. They appreciate the fact that we not only back up their large format documents, but also offer a quick and easy way to retrieve their copies electronically.

It’s difficult to find scanners that can scan documents larger than 12” by 18”, but our scanners are specifically designed to handle documents of that size.

Local, New York Large Format Scanners

If you are located in New York, you can hire our company with confidence, knowing that your documents are being handled locally. We handle all of the documents in-house and our employees are trained to treat even the most delicate document with care. Our experienced technicians can get a wonderful quality finish even from the most fragile documents. Your documents are thoroughly inspected, carefully scanned, and then checked for quality prior to being delivered to you.

Oversized Prints and Posters

Is your company constantly passing around posters and oversized prints? Why not keep and share these documents in a format that is not only cleaner, but also allows for individuals to make markups without damaging the original. A scanned copy is easy to use and can be shared instantaneously electronically through email or within a cloud storage.

Save Space While Reducing Overhead

By archiving drawings and all large format documents, your business can reduce the need for storage space that would otherwise be taken up by hanging files, drawing tubes, and flat drawers. Instead, you can store them digitally and keep them within your company’s server or storage system and access them whenever necessary.

Large Format Scanning Solutions in NY

Don’t be the last company that is still storing drawings in tubes, flat drawers or as hanging files! Join the digital movement and digitize your documents. Here are just some of the documents we can scan and digitize for you:

  • Blueprints
  • Oversized Architectural Drawings
  • Engineering Drawings
  • CAD Files
  • Large Posters
  • Construction Documents
  • Oversized Drawings and Prints