New Haven, CT Document Scanning Services

Whether you have rooms full of filing cabinets or piles of newspapers that you need digitized, you have come to the right place. Our Connecticut document scanning services make it easy to get your documents digitized, preserving the information and making it easy to access whenever and wherever you need it. Our document capturing equipment will receive your documents, scan them, and create a digital file that you can access from any computer.

CT Large Format Scanning

There are many businesses that deal in large format documents, which can be difficult and cumbersome to store and use. Our large format scanning services make it easy to digitize these large documents, so you can access them on your computer. If you do need a printed version, you can print the entire document or just the section you need. This service is ideal for engineering documents, maps, blueprints, architectural drawings, diagrams, and more!

Microfilm Document Scanning in New Haven, CT

Microfilm was once a great way to store copies of documents, but with today’s technology, it can be difficult to access. If you want your microfilms in a much easier to use format, we can scan all of your microfilms and turn them into a document that will be easier to read and will quickly present you with the information you need. With ORC technology, you can even convert your data in spreadsheets or make the scans text-searchable!

Newspaper Scanning Services in CT

If you have been collecting newspapers, holding on to them for the wealth of cultural, political, and financial information stored in their pages, it is difficult to give all of that information up. Newspapers are notoriously difficult to store and they can mold and fade easily. Our newspaper scanning services will convert all of your papers into high resolution digital files. With our ORC software, you can even search for a specific keyword or phrase to locate the exact article or issue you want to read. You’ll have instant access to your newspapers, without having to store them in huge stacks around your home or business.

Book Scanning Services of Connecticut

A large collection of books can be a great resource of information, but they can quickly become difficult to store and maintain. If you are worried about the books being damaged or if you simply want to be able to access your library when you are thousands of miles away, would book scanning services make it easy. Every single book you own can be stored on a server or even on a USB drive. They’ll be safe and you can find and read the book you want from anywhere in the world.

On-Site Document Scanning Services in Connecticut

If you have records or documents that you want digitized, but you cannot send those documents out to a scanning company, we are here to help. Our on-site document scanning services in Connecticut make it easy to get your books, documents, newspapers, files, etc. scanned and organized. Our technicians bring all the equipment they need to get the job done efficiently!

X-Ray Scanning Services

Scanning x-rays properly requires special technology and attention to detail. Once scanned, an x-ray can be burned to a CD or easily shared with patient or doctor to make diagnosis more efficient. Our technicians use a scanner that has been approved by the FDA to safely and efficiently digitize small and large x-rays alike.

Indexing Service

Having a large amount of records and information means indexing and purging is just as difficult as finding a specific file. Indexing and purging keeps your files orderly and clean, but only our skilled technicians can build an index specifically for you that makes this process much, much easier.

OCR Services

OCR software makes it easy to organize the data from your scanned documents. One of the biggest benefits of scanning in your records is saving on storage space, but without an effective management solution, it can be just as difficult to find the information you need in digital files as it is in paper files. OCR captures the text from scanned documents and then allows you to search for specific keywords or phrases or even convert that captured data into another format. Your ledgers, records, and documents become searchable databases!

Document Imaging Services in New Haven, Connecticut and New York

As business continues to develop and change, it is imperative to find a data and document management solution that keeps you in step with technology. If your documents and information are difficult to access, your productivity and profits will suffer. We make it easy to digitize and manage that information, with a scanning and storage solution that meets the needs of your business.

We serve Connecticut and New York with fast, secure scanning services that allow you to access your information from any internet-enabled computer. Stop digging through paper files—our document scanning services put your information at your fingertips.