Microfilm records often take up 90% less space than paper documents. It’s no surprise that microfilm data storage was the most popular way for companies to manage information in the 1970s and 1980s. But data storage solutions advance with the rest of technology. In comparison to the ease with which we able to manage and access digital data, finding and storing microfilm can feel cumbersome and inefficient. If you have reels of microfilm storing data for your business, the time may have come to digitize that data with CME Imaging Solutions.

Microfilm Scanning Solutions in NYC

Microfilm offers several advantages over paper data storage, but digital data has many advantages over both. Digital imaging allows you to store and access data far more efficiently than microfilm. Additionally, digitally stored data is safer, better preserved and takes up far less space than microfilm. Digital files are more easily accessible than microfilm. Not only is it easier to find the file you are looking for, once you find it, the data will be more readable in a digital format.

Digital Format Options for NYC Microfilm Scanning

We use the latest NY digital imaging technologies to capture your data and convert it into the digital format of your choice. If you would like to keep your data in image format, we can scan it as PDF, JPG, or TIFF files. We also offer optical character recognition (OCR) microfilm scanning.

OCR scanning converts an image of printed or typewritten text into machine-encoded text. This means that instead of converting your microfilm to image files, with OCR, we can convert your microfilm into editable files, such as word processing documents and spreadsheets. With OCR software, the text of your microfilm can be converted to searchable files, allowing you to find files based on phrases or keywords within them.

File Delivery Format Options for Microfilm Scanning in NY

Choose one or more of the following options for delivery of your newly digitized files:

Physical Delivery – We can save your digitized files to a physical storage solution, such as a CD-ROM or flash drive. You can upload the files from either of these formats to any computer.

Digital Delivery - We can transfer your new digital files to you directly via a secure File Transfer Protocol (FTP) or upload the files directly to you computer’s hard drive for you.

Cloud Storage – If you would like to have access to your files from any computer or connected device, we can set you up with secure cloud storage.

At CME Imaging Solutions, we understand that secure data storage is essential for your business. With our comprehensive network security and secure storage space, you can rest assured that your data is safe in our hands. Let us help you preserve your microfilm data for years come through digital conversion.